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I am Forest – Act today, for our tomorrow

Every forest in itself has hidden millions of stories. Forests have shaped the life on this planet and their sustenance means sustaining our future. They are the creator, protector and preserver of food, water and life. Eighty percent of the terrestrial life exists in the forests, including many human indigenous populations.

But now, their existence is threatened much more than ever before. Forests have supported various lifeforms, including us; and it is now our responsibility to pay the debt and support the forests.

Scientific research, Open Access sharing of research outcomes, conservation, reforestation, and awareness can help.

Key Areas: Science I Plant Sciences I Animal Sciences I Environmental Studies

Series: Environment Multimedia




For generations and generations, I flourished alongside you.

I existed for millions of years. I have witnessed the islands move, dinosaurs roam around, and I have seen the human evolve.

I have survived the cold ice ages; and I sustained in hot weathers.

I sequester carbon and clean the air you breath.

I provide food to many, including you.

I am the preserver and protector of the water, that you drink.

I maintain the temperature, balance the climate, and bring the rain.

I shelter more than 80% of terrestrial plants and animals. I harbor microbial diversity, as well as support indigenous human population. More than 1 billion people depend on me for their livelihood.

I am the origin of fossil fuels that you use.

I am source of 25% of medicines, including more than 60% of cancer fighting drugs.

But now, my existence is threatened much more than ever before. I am disappearing, along with my companions.

I support Food, Oxygen, Rain and Climate, Energy, Shelter and your Tomorrow.


We coexisted together. Now, when I am vulnerable, would you protect me, and prevent me from fading away?

Scientific research, Open Access sharing of research outcomes, conservation, reforestation, and awareness can help me.

Plant a tree and educate others. That is also the greatest gift anyone can give to the future generations.

Act today, for our tomorrow!


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