We are committed to providing innovative solutions to creators (authors, editors & reviewers) and users of scholarly content. We are pioneers in improving the accessibility & usability of research output–through our article-level dictionary, text-to-speech, author-activity features to name a few.


Peer-Reviewed Journals, Insight News & Articles, R&D Support, Patient Advocacy, Environment & Social Responsibility

Qualiten Services was founded in year 2016, with goals to identify unmet needs in scientific publication and providing innovative solutions to improve accessibility and usability of scholarly content. We have been successfully identifying current problems (or limitations) in industry, analyzing data, and providing solutions by developing Qualiten Journals, Qualiten Insight, Qualiten Care and Rare Is Special platforms.

Majority of the scientific and medical research worldwide is supported by public funding. However, there are multiple obstacles (few listed below) in industry that limit the usage of research outputs for the benefit of the same public that funded it:

  • More than 50% of published articles are locked behind the paywall of subscription-based journals, hence inaccessible (or delayed access after embargo period) to public without payment.
  • Most of scientific and medical literature is published in field-specific technical language, which is hard to understand by people from unrelated fields.
  • There is limited direct connectivity between scientists doing discoveries and patients in need of a cure for diseases.
  • Limited awareness and incentives for basic research on rare diseases.

In Qualiten Press’ view, “Public is the funder, creator and user of research; hence public should get unrestricted access to published research outcomes.” Hence, we developed set of Qualiten Journals that publish peer-reviewed open access (free-to-read) scholarly articles in the field of science, technology and medicine. We are FIRST IN THE WORLD (as far as we know) to develop and implement following features in peer-reviewed scholarly journals that improve accessibility and understanding of scientific and medical content:

  • Article-level Dictionary for easy understanding of scientific content for public.
  • Article associated Authors’ Activity to increase collaboration between authors and users (such as other researchers and readers).
  • Article Q&A to increase understanding of content and improve audience engagement.

Additionally, we implemented Article Text-to-Speech feature and regularly produce easy-to-understand creative content at Qualiten Insight to increase visibility of published research and engage broader audience.

We are also a socially and environmentally responsible publisher. As a gratitude towards volunteer services provided by our editors and peer-reviewers, we support National Forest Foundation (a non-profit partner of United States Forest Service) in plantation of 10 seedlings for each article that we publish in Qualiten Journals.

We provide following services:


International Journals publishing impactful scientific and medical scholarly content, peer-reviewed from independent subject matter experts (handling editors and reviewers).

  • 36 Peer-reviewed journals in Science, Technology & Medicine.
  • Seasoned subject matter experts as Handling Editors & Reviewers.
  • Publishing manuscripts in wide variety of subjects within the scope.
  • Inviting Authors from all economical and geographical backgrounds.

Publishes peer-reviewed original research, review, clinical cases, perspective, clinical images, etc.



Qualiten Insight develops and publishes latest news, analysis, opinions, interviews, infographics, quizzes, humor, etc. to educate and inform public about the latest developments in science and medicine.

  • Multiple fields included: Science, Medicine, Ethics, Publishing, Entrepreneurship, etc.
  • All facts and articles reviewed by PhD/MD level Qualiten Press staff or editors for accuracy.
  • 20+ articles and other content published.
  • 5+ Authors from 2+ countries and 2+ organizations.

Publishes news, blogs, analysis, opinions, interviews, infographics, quizzes, humor, etc.



Qualiten Care is social and environment responsibility program of Qualiten Services to promote open access, disease advocacy, environmental responsibility and global charity to build a socially responsible and sustainable system of global collaboration.

  • Patient-centric focus services: disease education, collaboration, empowerment, etc.
  • 2+ partners with Qualiten Care program.
  • Tree plantation drives and saved many through fully digital publication.
  • $1000+ donations for promotion of research & development of cure to diseases.

Provide information & support services to patients, motivates collaboration, supports green business, etc.



Rare Is Special is a niche program from Qualiten Services that supports rare diseases’ patients and other organizations/individuals who are heroically working patiently, tirelessly and perpetually to find cure and solutions of 7000+ rare diseases.

  • Rare diseases focused services: promoting research, publishing disease facts, special stories, interviews, organizing events, etc.
  • 2+ partners with Rare Is Special.
  • 6+ articles, 2+ personal stories, 4+ event attended.
  • 3+ Authors from 2+ countries.

Rare disease advocacy, publishes stories & information on rare diseases, organizes events, promotes networking, provides other resources to patients, etc.



Processes for Qualiten Journals & Qualiten Insight


Qualiten Journals publish peer-reviewed scholarly articles in life sciences, chemistry, medicine, and healthcare. After submission of articles, dedicated journal staff (that includes skillful peer-review coordinators, production team, and article promotion team) coordinate submission corrections (if any), peer review process, production, publication and post publication promotion.

Professional scholarly content published after stringent vetting process from Qualiten and thorough peer review from external and independent subject matter experts. To submit manuscripts in Qualiten Journals, check Resources and Ethics for Authors and submit your manuscript using a simple online Submission Form.


Qualiten Press is socially and environmentally responsible service provider. We utilize multiple features to make our content easy-to-understand and improve users’ experience. Check our specific pages of Qualiten Insight, Qualiten Care and Rare Is Special to learn more about our services and processes. For submission in Qualiten Insight, please use the Submission Form.


Problem Identification, Solutions & Sustainability

Qualiten Press is a service from Qualiten Services, a US Corporation founded in year 2016, with goals to identify unmet needs in scientific publication and providing innovative solutions to improve accessibility of scholarly content. We have performed detailed study and developed innovative solutions to the issues that have been faced by creator and users of scholarly content. We look forward to quality, transparent and sustainable open access scholarly publishing in collaboration with the global community.


Ten Core Values of Qualiten

Our brand, our name (Qualiten) and our logo literally represents the “ten” “qualities” that are heart of our organization, team and services that we provide. Qualiten Press is a community driven service and we always stand by our 10 core values.



Editors, Advisors, Reviewers, Authors, Staff & Readers

GLOBAL COMMUNITY: Guided & Supported by Advisors, Editorial Board, Reviewers, Contributors, Partners, Users

Qualiten Press persistently provides quality service because of the guidance and feedback provided by Journals’ Editorial Board members, Reviewers, Contributors (authors), Partners and many users who utilize our platform from various parts of the world. Qualiten Press cannot move forward in its goal of making science accessible to all and empowering public without the consistent volunteerism and support from above-mentioned people. Qualiten Press happily accepts constructive advice and willing to learn from all.



Together we can make quality science accessible

You may participate with us in multiple ways. We always look forward to a new partnership to solve the unmet needs in science, research, medicine and education. We can make world healthier with your support. Please check our resources section to find the qualifications, processes and benefits of participating with us. If you have any questions, please check our up-to-date FAQs or contact us directly. We will be happy to get in touch and work together.

"Public is the funder, creator and user of research; hence public should get unrestricted access to published research outcomes."

 - Qualiten Press

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