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Scholarly publishing is community driven model where subject matter experts (editors and peer-reviewers) play a pivotal role in preserving the integrity and standards of scientific output that reaches to public. Without their consistent support and volunteerism, a fruitful scholarly communication cannot exist. Qualiten Journals are inviting qualified researchers and physicians to join its Editorial Board. Also, we are dedicated to providing tools and resources for editors to achieve their goals. Connect with us!

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Status: Active Announcement



Qualiten Journals are international peer-reviewed journals that aim to publish latest scientific and medical scholarly content of significant impact. All the submissions other than editorial and commentaries undergo detailed peer review process, in which articles are critically evaluated by editors (members of Editorial Board) and other peer-reviewers for novelty, soundness, impact, reproducibility and ethics. Editors also evaluate other peer-reviewers’ comments and authors’ response to make final independent decision on acceptance or rejection of articles. Thus, editors are gatekeepers and preserver of quality and integrity of scholarly content. Their task is pivotal in filtering and improving science for the benefit of society.


Each journal’s Editorial Board is constructed keeping in mind the diversity as well as depth of scientific research in that Journal’s field. We are seeking editors conducting research and/or practice in areas such as basic science, translational science, medical devices, drug development, medicine, healthcare, statistics, regulatory affairs, medical law, and ethics.

Editorial Board membership is primarily invitation based or through a referral from another Editorial Board member. The invitation and selection are based on an overall review of professional experience, including research experience, publication record, match of expertise with the scope of journal, manuscript review experience, mentorship record (trained PhDs/MDs/Postdocs), international acclaim, and overall contribution to the field.

Criteria for Editorial Board Membership:


The principal roles and responsibilities (volunteer duties) of Editorial Board members are as following:

  • Peer Review and Decision Making: Evaluation of manuscript and peer-reviewers’ comments to provide constructive feedback to authors and to make independent decision on acceptance, rejection or resubmission of articles.
  • Proposal and Handling of Thematic Topics: Guide and support journal’s editorial office in development and management of thematic collections (special issues).
  • Guidance in Cases of Ethical Misconduct: Editors evaluate the cases of complex ethical misconduct and disputes (research integrity, data fabrication, data falsification, etc.) and provide their decisions to help Journal maintain the quality and ethical standards in publishing.
  • Editorial Writing: Occasionally write editorial articles for the journal.
  • General Guidance to Journal: Provide suggestions to improve the editorial policies, processes, content, features, and overall standard of the journal.
  • Encouraging Submission & Readership: Encourage submission of high-quality articles from other researchers and promote readership of the journal.
  • Leading and Mentoring: Participate in social responsibility programs of Qualiten Press such Qualiten Insight, Qualiten Care and Rare Is Special to increase educational outreach in public, promote collaboration, and motivate future generations to build careers in science and medicine.


“We are inviting researchers and physicians conducting research and/or practice in areas such as basic science, translational science, medical devices, drug development, medicine, healthcare, statistics, regulatory affairs, medical law, and ethics.”
– Qualiten Press



The dedicated efforts from our editors and peer-reviewers are paramount in maintaining the quality of articles that we publish. We thank all our editors and reviewers for contributing their time, skills, and resources through following services:

  • Tools & Services during Peer Review Process: We provide resources and services to editors and peer-reviewers to make peer review process a convenient and productive experience.
  • Acknowledgement of Peer Review: We publish editors’ and peer-reviewers’ information along with the accepted articles to acknowledge their sincere efforts in evaluating and improving the manuscript.
  • Qualiten Insight Services: Qualiten Insight is a supportive platform from Qualiten Press where we publish latest news and analysis, announcements, press releases, infographics, quizzes, humor, multimedia, and job postings. Editors and peer-reviewers are welcome to submit any announcements related to their research or laboratory (such as infographics, posters, webinars, event participation, collaboration requirements, and hiring requirements) to improve visibility, foster collaboration and increase impact of their work.
  • Qualiten Gifts to Editors and Peer-Reviewers: In honor of volunteer services provided by our editors and peer-reviewers, we support National Forest Foundation (a non-profit partner of United States Forest Service) in plantation of 10 trees for each article that we publish.


Qualiten Press continues to serve researchers and public in advancing science and healthcare by coordinating a thorough peer review process, post-publication monitoring, open access publishing, increasing accessibility, creating easy-to-understand scientific content (Qualiten Insight), patient advocacy (Rare Is Special), promoting collaboration (Qualiten Care), and developing other novel publishing solutions. Our commitment is evident from the novel solutions that we bring to our readers.

As a scholarly journals’ publisher, we are FIRST IN THE WORLD (as far as we know) to develop and implement following features:

  • Article-level Dictionary for easy understanding of scientific content for public.
  • Article Q&A to increase understanding of content and improve audience engagement.
  • Article associated Authors’ Activity to increase collaboration between authors and users (such as other researchers and patients).
  • Supporting plantation of 10 seedlings for each article we publish, as gratitude towards volunteer services provided by our editors and peer-reviewers.

Additionally, we implemented Text-to-Speech feature with each article to improve accessibility for all users, including people with visual impairments or reading difficulties.

Qualiten Journals’ publishing standards and ethics guidelines are in concordance with standards set by COPE, DOAJ, OASPA, ISMTE and other ethical bodies in the field. Qualiten Press is a proud member of Crossref, a non-profit Digital Object Identifier (DOI) registration agency, that makes published articles easy to find, use and cite.

To learn more about roles and responsibilities of our editors, please refer to “Resources for Editors” and “Ethics for Editors”. If you have received an invitation from Qualiten Press and interested in participating in editorial or reviewing activities, please respond back to the invitation or write to us at


“The dedicated efforts from our editors and peer-reviewers are paramount in maintaining the quality of articles that we publish. Also, their role is pivotal in filtering and improving science for the benefit of society.”
– Qualiten Press



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Status: Active Announcement

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