Articles published at Qualiten Journals are fully open access and authors retain the copyright to their content. We believe in keeping the scientific knowledge freely accessible to advance innovation & discovery.


All have free access to use and reuse (including creator – the rights holder)

Open Access implies to unrestricted access to online scholarly content without any paywall barrier. All articles at Qualiten Journals are open access and published under most permissive Creative Commons license. Thus, providing freedom to utilize the journals’ content for furthering scientific innovation with no delay or hindrance. Authors retain the copyright of their articles, thereby having the right to disseminate their scientific discoveries. This is not possible in many subscription-based traditional journals that require authors to surrender the copyrights during publication.


Articles published in Qualiten Journals are the copyright property of its Author(s). Rights to all other content, graphics, designs, features and presentations (including website UI/UX and web codes), etc. are reserved by Qualiten Press.


All articles at Qualiten Journals are published under CC BY 4.0 (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International) license. This license permits anyone to use and reuse these articles, given that authors and publishing journals are appropriately cited.


Science is funded by all, hence should be accessible to all

“Public is the funder, creator and user of research; hence public should get unrestricted access to published research outcomes.” – Qualiten Press

Public pays (through taxes) for biomedical research, scientists (from same public) work strenuously in their labs and publish research outcomes in peer-reviewed scientific journals with noble intent to disseminate knowledge, eradicate diseases and alleviate human sufferings. Ironically, same public (including scientists who have conducted the research and published articles) is unable to freely access more than half of the published scientific literature because it is hidden behind the paywall barriers.


Scientific publishing in Open Access peer-reviewed journals breaks pay-to-read wall and liberates scientific literature for the public to read and use for the advancement of science and healthcare.


Benefit to all

Qualiten press and our global community of readers, authors, editors, reviewers and partners are dedicated to improving scientific communication by providing peer-reviewed open access to global users. With 65% of global population having access to internet, unrestricted digital scientific knowledge is necessary to expedite scientific discoveries and innovations.

Qualiten Press is committed towards open access publishing because we strive for following:


Validating & Presenting Quality Knowledge
  • Submission quality & plagiarism check
  • Stringent peer review by subject matter experts (Editors & Reviewers)

Serving for Public Benefit & Global Impact
  • Everyone gets free access to Qualiten content
  • Quick & free availability of research content promotes collaboration

Making Publishing Economical & Sustainable
  • One-time service fee on behalf of authors & only for accepted articles
  • No fee to readers worldwide

Global Harmonization & Equality of Access
  • Unrestricted access to everyone worldwide irrespective of affordability
  • No delay or bureaucracy for access

Promoting Speed of Science & Innovation
  • Articles are fully open access as soon as they are published, thereby facilitating others to utilize, reproduce & innovate faster

Boosting Citation & Ownership for Authors
  • Higher visibility of articles leading to increased usage & citation
  • Authors’ work is always authors copyright

Compliance with Funding & Grant Providers
  • Compliance with funder’s open access policies
  • Transparent & fair sharing of results with public that had funded the research through taxes

Supporting Policy Makers with Information
  • Validated & free content for governments & policy makers across globe, to support informed decisions on science & public health policies


We follow them & intend to participate with them in near future

Few reputed organizations and projects are flag bearer of open access and publication ethics. These organizations develop standards and resources on open access publishing to guide publishers and other members of public. We follow their guidelines and intend to participate with them in promotion and maintenance of open access and publication ethics. You may refer to these associations, funders and initiatives, for further learning:

Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA) is Netherlands-based non-profit that focuses on promoting open access publishing by innovation, developing best publishing practices and providing forum (annual conference, webinars, etc.) for information exchange. OASPA is a member-based organization, and it selects members after an in-depth review of the publisher’s commitment, standard and ethics in publishing.

We intend to apply for membership in near future.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is a reputed directory, developed and maintained by Infrastructure Services for Open Access (IS4OA), a UK based social enterprise. DOAJ’s criteria of inclusion comprise journals commitment to best practices in publishing such as quality of content, transparency, peer review, open access and ethical standards.

Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) was initiated in Annual Meeting of American Society for Cell Biology in 2012 to devise better methods for evaluating quality and impact of research outputs than relying on impact factor of journals publishing that output. Impact factor has many innate limitations; hence it does not directly translate to the merit of a specific article. DORA has now evolved into a global initiative encompassing all major disciplines.

Qualiten Press is one of the signers and is committed to the principles of DORA. All the articles published at Qualiten Journals provide article level matrices.

Creative Commons (CC) was founded in year 2001 as US non-profit organization that has now grown into a global organization providing standardized copyright licenses and legal tools to share creative and academic intellectual property while protecting authors’ legal rights. Creative Commons’ CC BY 4.0 license is an essential legal tool for publishers to keep academic articles free and easily accessible through open access means.

Qualiten Press publishes all scholarly articles with CC BY 4.0 (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International) license, hence permitting anyone in the world to use and reuse the articles while giving proper attribution to authors.

National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA implemented Public Access Policy in 2005 that became a legislation in 2009. NIH Public Access Policy requires that all full-text articles resulting from NIH funded research are made available to public through NLM PubMed Central. PubMed Central is digital indexing platform maintained by National Library of Medicine, USA.

Qualiten Press guides its authors to submit their published article at PubMed Central. Once Qualiten Journals are indexed in the PubMed Central, Qualiten Press will be able to submit all its articles (whether funded by NIH or any other agencies) at PubMed Central.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the largest private foundation established by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates in 2000, with primary goals to improve healthcare, reduce poverty, and expand information access worldwide. From 2015, the foundation has adopted an Open Access Policy for all scholarly articles and data resulting from researches funded by them.

Qualiten Press appreciates foundation’s implementation of open access policy and promotion of transparency and information sharing from scientific research.

Wellcome Trust is UK based biomedical research foundation that was established in 1936. For more than eight decades, it has been involved in improvement of healthcare by funding research and innovation. Wellcome Trust has an open access policy that mandate all scientific outcomes from trust funded research to be published with CC BY 4.0 license and made available to public through open access archiving such as PubMed Central and European PMC.

Qualiten Press has similar principles of publishing; using CC BY 4.0 licenses for all published articles and keeping them open access.

Plan S initiative is an open access initiative launched in 2018 by Science Europe and is supported by a coalition of major research funders such as European Commission, Wellcome Trust, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO, and others. Plan S requires that from year 2021, all scholarly publications resulting from public or private funding to be published with CC BY license. Also, Plan S has developed “10 Principles of Plan S” for implementation by funders.

Qualiten Press views are aligned with funders supporting Plan S as transparency, quality and freedom to public access is fair call for promotion of science. The whole idea of funding sciences is freedom of access to research outcomes for public benefit.


Check the publisher’s quality and practices prior to using or publishing any content

It is essential that user of information critically evaluate the scientific literature (whether published in open access or subscription-based journals) and utilize the articles only if they are stringently peer-reviewed and validated by the scientific community. Avoid falling prey to publishers or journals that do not follow highest standards of publishing and ethics.

Ideally scientific publishers should publish the peer-review summary too, along with manuscript to inform reader with critical comments and limitations of articles. To assist our readers and promote transparency, Qualiten Journals publish Peer-Review Summary along with manuscripts. Also, you may find details of our processes at “Peer Review Process”, “Resources” and “Ethics” pages.


We as community can make open science a norm and sustainable

There are multiple organizations, initiatives, individuals who understand the need of open access scholarly communication and support this cause. Qualiten Press admires all of them, including our authors, editors, reviewers, partners, readers and staff doing their best to support the open access movement. Together we can make scientific publishing efficient and beneficial for all.

Whether you are author, reviewer, funder, advocacy group, healthcare provider or member of public, we look forward to listening to your ideas for partnering for promotion of open access scholarly communication. Please check our “Journals”, “Qualiten Insight”, “Partners” and “Resources for Partners” pages to explore more about us.

"Public is the funder, creator and user of research; hence public should get unrestricted access to published research outcomes."

 - Qualiten Press

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