Qualiten Press uses various features for our website to provide better reading experience for our users. We encourage readers to collaborate with us as partners to enhance quality of content.


Qualiten Press and its global community (our readers, authors, editors, reviewers & variety of partners) are deeply involved in service of open access scholarly communication and collaboration to speed up scientific discoveries for the benefit of humankind and other lives on this planet. We achieve this goal through our products and services:

1. Qualiten Journals

Qualiten Journals publish peer-reviewed scholarly articles in the field of science, technology and medicine. Articles published at Qualiten Journals are fully open access (free-to-read) and authors retain the copyright to their content. Qualiten Journals’ open access standards and ethics guidelines are in concordance with standards set by DOAJ, OASPA, COPE, ISMTE and other ethical bodies in the field.

2. Qualiten Insight

Qualiten Insight develops and publishes latest news, blogs, analysis, opinions, interviews, infographics, quizzes, humor, jobs, etc. to educate and inform public about the latest developments in science and medicine.

3. Qualiten Care

Qualiten Care is social and environment responsibility program of Qualiten Services to promote open access, disease advocacy, environmental responsibility and global charity to build a socially responsible and sustainable system of global collaboration.

4. Rare Is Special

Rare Is Special is a niche program from Qualiten Services that supports rare diseases’ patients and other organizations/individuals who are heroically working every day to find solutions of 7000+ rare diseases.

We believe in continuity of learning and problem solving to provide a better experience to the creator (authors, editors, reviewers) and users (readers) of information that is published with us. Check About Us to learn more about our products & services, core values, team, etc.


An effective and seamless reading experience is always a priority for Qualiten Press. We have designed website interface to help readers smoothly navigate to relevant content. Qualiten webpages are accessible from all the platforms and browsers with minimum rendering speed. We have followed minimalistic web design in all our web pages to provide clear, concise and coherent information to our readers. We have designed all our contents to ensure maximum readability and included additional features to ascertain readers can utilize our website to maximum potential for their support.

Listed below are some important key features we have added in our website to ensure reader satisfaction:

1. Features throughout the website

Share: Readers can easily share the content of our website on social media platforms to encourage discussion about scientific topics.

Follow: Readers can follow us at social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube) where we regularly post updates on new scholarly articles, contents, offers, services, etc.

Subscribe Alerts: Readers can subscribe alerts to receive notifications on interesting journal articles, news, offers, humor, job openings, and related contents directly in their inbox at a frequency chosen by them.

Chat System: Our easy-to-use live chat system where anyone can quickly get an answer to their questions from our skilled staff. Our staff is available to answer your questions during usual business hours.

E-mail: Readers can contact us directly with their questions or suggestions. We intend to respond to all questions as soon as possible.

Submission Form: Authors can submit their manuscripts by filling a short and easy submission form without the requirement of creating an account.

Track Paper: Authors receive unique manuscript identifier number through which they can track the status of their manuscript at our tracking system (under development). All manuscripts get manuscript identifier tracking number. Manuscript information is updated regularly at tracking system.

Quotes: Our website pages feature quotes from scientists and researchers.

2. Articles Associated Features

Dictionary: We are first scholarly publisher in the world (as far as we know) to incorporate dictionary in our content, thereby helping individuals with non-subject background to understand the articles.

Audio: Text-to-speech feature in our website for people with disabilities, along with people who prefer to consume the content by listening.

Image Resize: Figures in the manuscript can be magnified to visualize the details of images.

Open Access: All articles published at Qualiten Press are immediate open access, hence, digitally available for public to read without any paywall.

Article Metrics: Article level metrics (article view, citation, etc.) is monitored for individual articles. Additionally, social media sharing and discussions on articles are also monitored.

Downloads: Users can download article pdf, figures (Microsoft PPT), tables (Microsoft Excel), peer-review summary from article pages to save, read and utilize content even during limited internet connection.

Author Activity: Article page contains “Author Activity”, which shows author’s activity (webinars, event participation, lab requirements, etc.) to increase connectivity and collaboration with other authors.

Author Contact: Article page contains About Author section, which provides readers the option to contact with authors directly through our website.

Quiz on Article: Article page contains “Quiz on Article” section that readers can use to check their understanding of the paper. This section makes manuscript interactive.

Comment on Article: Readers have the option to comment on articles to help other readers, authors and publisher to understand the different viewpoints on the article. Commenting does not require signing in.

Like Article: Readers have the option to like the article which has been helpful to them. This feature helps other readers, publishers and authors to evaluate the usefulness of paper.


Qualiten Press is committed towards making user experience better. We always keep working to include new features to make our interface seamless for our users. We incorporate additional features to provide optimal reading experience to our readers by offering effective navigation interface.

ARTICLE ASSOCIATED DICTIONARY (Only Publisher in the World with this feature)

Qualiten Press believes scientific content and knowledge should reach to every section of the society. However, most of scientific and medical literature is published in field-specific technical language, which is hard to understand by members of public from unrelated fields. Thus, we publish article-associated dictionary with each article that helps all kinds of readers in understanding the scientific content and have better reading experience.

We are proud to be the only publisher in the world with article-associated dictionary feature. This feature allows easier understanding of the scientific article for people who do not have specialization in the respective field. Better understanding would also enhance the opportunities for multidisciplinary collaborations and readers can read through articles of varying field to get the relevant information.


Qualiten believes in accessibility of scientific content to everyone. Therefore, Qualiten has not only followed open access model for easier access but also included various accessibility options for people with disabilities who may face trouble accessing the published content. Qualiten Press follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) published by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We also make certain that our content throughout the website including articles, news, announcements, etc. have same features which allow easier accessibilityy.

Qualiten Press has added additional features to smoothen the user experience for people facing visual impairments. Many people with physical and cognitive disabilities also face problems in using websites with high contrast ratio and flashing lights. We ensure not to use flash and we add article reader to every article that we publish. We also encourage our collaborators to submit content by keeping the WCAG in mind.


Whether you are an author, reader, editor, reviewer, partner or anyone looking for specific information about our products & services or looking for salient features of our website, our sitemap provides the full list of our webpages. We have thoroughly planned and carefully implemented website for our readers. Also, detailed sitemap is developed for an easy navigation & wholesome experience for all users. Contact us if you still cannot find information you are looking for, we will be happy to assist you.


Readers can follow us at social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube) where we regularly post updates on new scholarly articles, contents, offers, services, etc.

Twitter: Readers can follow us on twitter to get all the latest updates in the scientific field. We are also available to discuss the trending topics in the scientific community.

Facebook: Follow our page on Facebook to interact with like-minded individuals and get updates on articles released by Qualiten Press.

LinkedIn: Readers can follow our LinkedIn page to get informed about latest occurrence and professional updates in Qualiten Press.

Instagram: Follow us on Instagram to get some original scientific content.

YouTube: Subscribe our YouTube channel to get some original scientific content. We post videos at regular intervals to provide scientific updates in a more interactive way.


All articles at Qualiten Journals are open access and published under most permissive Creative Commons license. Thus, providing freedom to utilize the journals’ content for furthering scientific innovation with no delay or hindrance. Also, our authors retain the copyright to their articles, thereby having the right to disseminate the knowledge they have created through their hard work and intellect.


Articles published in Qualiten Journals are the copyright property of its Author(s). Rights to all other content, graphics, designs, features and presentations (including website UI/UX and web codes), etc. are reserved by Qualiten Press.


All articles at Qualiten Journals are published under CC BY 4.0 (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International) license. This license permits anyone to use and reuse these articles, given that authors and publishing journals are appropriately cited.


References are provided to cite the basis of the study and references from where specific background content of the article is built. Users of Qualiten’s content should cite the author and publisher with proper formatting in accordance with the submitter platform.


Qualiten is committed to create a perfect user experience for our readers and for achieving perfection we are always improving. We have designed this website with utmost care and keeping all the probable issues in mind. However, things are always improving, and we may encounter issue we have not perceived. In that case, we encourage our readers to report the website issue or provide us with suggestions to improve any feature by contacting us. Remedy of such issues will help us in enhancing the readability experience for our users.


1. Contribute Content (Become Author)

Qualiten considers all our readers as collaborators for the betterment of science. Becoming an author is the next step for a reader, and you can help us by contributing scientific content. While reading you may get some ideas or perception, you would like the world to acknowledge and we provide a platform to share such ideas. You can submit content in either Qualiten Journals or Qualiten Insight depending on your content.

1.1. Qualiten Journal Content

Qualiten Journals publish peer-reviewed scholarly articles in life sciences, chemistry, medicine, and healthcare. Authors can submit their manuscripts in Qualiten Journals using a simple online Submission Form. After submission, dedicated journal staff (that includes skillful peer-review coordinators, production team, and article promotion team) will coordinate submission corrections (if any), peer review process, production, publication and promotion of article post publication. Also, you will be consistently updated with the status of your manuscript through our robust online Tracking System. Check Resources for Authors to learn more about services and benefits provided to authors.

1.2. Qualiten Insight Content

Qualiten Insight develops and publishes relevant scientific news, analysis, opinions, interviews, infographics, quizzes, humor, jobs, etc. in an easy-to-understand language, keeping in mind all members of public (including people with non-technical background). Guest authors are also invited to submit relevant content for Qualiten Insight. Please use the Qualiten Insight Submission Form for submitting your content for review and publication.

2. Comment on Articles

Scientific discoveries are built on ideas. Readers’ comment can provide the author with constructive feedbacks to improve their work for future studies or it could supplement them with new ideas to work on. We suggest our readers to be respectful to other people’s ideas and comment in a way which leads to healthy discussion. It is possible to different point of view on any topic, but demeaning anyone is not acceptable. Readers comment would also help in identifying the impact and quality of an article.

3. Become Partner

Taking one step further as a collaborator, readers can become a partner for Qualiten Press and initiate a dual way benefit service. Partners also enjoy various benefits and rewards including but not limited to waivers, certificates, etc. You can visit Resources for Partners to get detailed information on different partners and ways to become a partner.

4. Recommend Qualiten to Others

We encourage our readers to recommend Qualiten Press to their group and share Qualiten content with people who are interested in scientific updates. If you like the work Qualiten is doing and you believe that Qualiten should connect with your peers, then you can recommend Qualiten to your peers and friends. We provide discounts on Article Processing Charges (APC) as referral benefit to our readers.

5. Provide Feedback for Improvement

Qualiten is aiming for perfection in every service we provide. However, perfection requires continuous improvement and user feedback is necessary to gain knowledge about the services we are lacking in and need improvement. Constructive feedbacks also improve our morale and boost us to work harder to improve our output and advance through the user satisfaction and provide services at best of our disposal.


Qualiten Press publishes scholarly content to foster further innovation and advancements in science, technology and healthcare for public benefit. We are always available to assist you with your requirements and get your feedback. To explore further and stay in touch with us check following:

1. FAQs

We have meticulously developed and organized frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers to provide clear understanding about our product, services and processes. Browse our FAQs page to find quick answers to your questions.

2. Testimonials

Major way for us to improve, innovate and provide a top-notch experience is by listening to our authors, editors, reviewers and readers. We collect testimonials from our Twitter and Facebook Testimonials pages. We receive testimonials directly through E-mails and other modes of communication. Check our Testimonials compiled from multiple platforms. Our testimonials talk about our work and we look forward to working with you and maintaining a long-term professional relationship.

If you have used our products and services, we would like to invite you to submit your feedback. Please visit our Twitter or Facebook Testimonials pages to provide your Testimonials.

3. Subscribe Alerts

We send newsletters to our users with their consent to inform them about latest scientific discoveries and updates on our website at a frequency chosen by them. You can also manage notifications to get alerted based on your specific interests.

Your contact information is never sold to any third party and used only for the purpose of providing you Qualiten related information that might be useful to you and your work. Check our flexible Subscribe Alerts option.

4. Contact Us

Our team is committed to learn about your needs and provide appropriate answers to your queries. We believe in providing solutions and building a stronger relationship through our professional and timely communication. Contact us with your questions. We will be happy to assist you.

"Public is the funder, creator and user of research; hence public should get unrestricted access to published research outcomes."

 - Qualiten Press

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