Qualiten Press performs and coordinates multilevel quality control and screening by staff scientists and subject matter experts (handling editors & peer-reviewers) before any article is published. Additionally, articles are continuously monitored post-publication for any technical and factual errors.


Filter for good science

The recent technological advancements and continued expansion of the internet (accessible to more than 65% of the global population), have made the reach and benefits of digital scholarly publication limitless. Online scientific and medical literature are referred by researchers, physicians, drug developers, educators, students, policy makers, funding agencies and many others to make informed decisions about their respective works, studies and policies. If the scholarly content is not strictly peer reviewed and validated by the scientific community, it can mislead the public and can cause immeasurable harm. Thus, stringent peer review by independent experts is the minimum standard requirement before any scientific or medical literature is accepted for publication. Ideally, journal publishers should also publish the peer-review summary along with manuscript to increase transparency and inform readers about critical comments and limitations of articles.

Qualiten Journals are international peer-reviewed journals that aim to publish latest scientific and medical scholarly content of significant impact. All submissions are evaluated for scope, novelty, impact, ethics, soundness, content organization, and language during initial screening and peer review process:

Qualiten Press and its global community (readers, authors, editors, reviewers and variety of partners) are deeply involved in supporting the service of peer-reviewed open access scientific publishing because we understand that it expedites innovation and benefits humankind. Thus, to assist our readers and promote transparency, Qualiten Journals also publish Peer-Review Summary along with manuscripts. You may check more information about our ethics and policies at “Resources” and “Ethics”.


Coordinated effort by Editors, Reviewers, Authors, Readers, and Qualiten Staff

Qualiten Press performs multilevel and multistage quality control before any article gets published. Qualiten Press staff performs plagiarism check, scientific merit check, ethical compliance, language and other checks before initiating a formal double-blinded peer review. During the peer review stage, articles are thoroughly and independently evaluated by subject matter experts (handling editors and external peer-reviewers) for novelty, soundness, impact, reproducibility and ethics. Editors also evaluate other peer-reviewers’ comments and authors’ response to make final independent decisions on acceptance or rejection of articles. The considerate efforts from editors and peer-reviewers in reviewing the manuscripts are paramount in maintaining the quality of articles that we publish at Qualiten Journals. Without their consistent support and volunteerism, a fruitful scholarly communication cannot exist.

Qualiten Press also monitors articles post-publication for any misleading facts or technical errors through journal audits, authors’ feedback, readers’ comments, and other methods. Any minor errors are informed to the authors and edits are requested, while major factual errors or data fabrication lead to the retraction of articles based on handling editors’ decisions.

Our Editorial Board Composition:

Each journal’s Editorial Board is constructed keeping in mind the diversity as well as depth of scientific research in that Journal’s field. Our editorial board members have diverse set of professional experience, including extensive research experience, publication record, manuscript review, mentorship (trained PhDs/MDs/Postdocs), and significant contribution to their respective fields:

Our editors conduct research and/or practice in a variety of areas such as basic science, translational science, medical devices, drug development, medicine, healthcare, statistics, regulatory affairs, medical law, and ethics:


Overall, scholarly publishing is a community driven model where subject matter experts (editors and peer-reviewers) play major role in preserving the integrity and standards of scientific output that reaches to public. Their task is pivotal in filtering and improving science for the benefit of society.


Filtering and refining good science

Qualiten Press performs multilevel and multistage quality control before any article gets published.

Below are the stages of quality control and peer review processes at Qualiten Journals:

  • Qualiten Press staff scientists check submitted articles for scientific rigor, impact, ethical compliance, plagiarism, compliance with journals’ scope & guidelines.
  • Editorial office contacts Author for any edits or to complete missing information.
  • Manuscripts passed through the initial internal screening are formatted for external expert peer review.
  • Check Resources for Authors & Ethics for Authors.
  • Editorial office identifies and sends review request to Handling Editor (from Journal’s Editorial Board) and other subject matter experts (at least 2 Peer-Reviewers) in the area of manuscript.
  • Reviewers review the manuscript in-depth and submit their feedback to editorial office.
  • Editorial office compiles all comments and sends to Handling Editor.
  • Check Resources for Reviewers & Ethics for Reviewers.
  • Handling Editor reviews manuscript and other peer-reviewers’ comments.
  • Handling Editor provides his/her own comments and interim decision on manuscript.
  • Interim decision can be one of following:
    • Accept with no revision
    • Accept with minor revision
    • Reconsider after major revision
    • Reject
  • Check Resources for Editors & Ethics for Editors.
  • Editorial office compiles all comments from reviewers (including Handling Editor) and sends it to Author.
  • For non-rejection cases, author resubmits revised manuscript along with response to reviewers’ comments.
  • Editorial office evaluates completeness of response to reviewers’ comments; and then forwards the revised manuscript and author’s response to Handling Editor.
  • Check Revision Guidelines.
  • Handling Editor reviews the revised manuscript and author’s response.
  • Handling Editor makes one of the following final decision:
    • Accept for Publication with no further revision
    • Accept for Publication with minor revision
    • Reconsider after major revision
    • Reject
  • Handling Editor may also choose to perform additional round of Peer Review in case of major changes in revised manuscript.
  • Check Resources for Editors & Ethics for Editors.
  • Peer-Review approved manuscript undergoes production process for professional typesetting, copyediting & data processing (including image processing).
  • Production office sends a final form of manuscript to Author for proofreading and approval.
  • Article (along with Peer-Review Summary and other supporting files) are digitally published in Qualiten Journal. Also, we promote published articles through news, announcements, press releases, etc.
  • Check Production Process & Promotion of Article.


Contact us if you are interested to be a reviewer

Scholarly publishing is a community driven model where individual subject matter experts play a pivotal role in preserving the integrity and standards of scientific output that reaches to public. Without consistent support and volunteerism from scientists and medical doctors (across different technical fields, experiences, geographies & cultures), a fruitful scholarly communication cannot exist. To learn more about roles and responsibilities of our reviewers, please refer to “Resources for Reviewers” and “Ethics for Reviewers”.

We thank all our editors and reviewers for their consistent support, and we always welcome qualified experts to participate with us. If you are interested in reviewing our manuscripts, please E-mail us (editorialoffice@qualitenjournals.com) your detailed CV that includes your education, experience, publication records, past reviewer or editor roles, mentorship (trained PhDs/MDs/Postdocs), conference presentations, etc. We will contact you back as soon as possible to learn more about you.

"Public is the funder, creator and user of research; hence public should get unrestricted access to published research outcomes."

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