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Qualiten Insight is a supportive platform from Qualiten Press where we publish latest news and analysis, announcements, press releases, infographics, quizzes, humor, multimedia, and job postings. Editors and peer-reviewers are welcome to submit any announcements related to their research or laboratory (such as infographics, posters, webinars, event participation, collaboration requirements, and hiring requirements) to improve visibility, foster collaboration and increase impact of their work.


About the video: Qualiten Insight - An initiative to make science fun, easy to understand and engaging to public.


Latest News & Analysis

News in science and medicine from worldwide contributors

Losing focus: COVID-19 disrupting worldwide immunization programs for other diseases

COVID-19 pandemic has affected other immunization programs globally. Effective response and management are necessary to minimize ramifications.

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Biggest challenges, solutions and opportunities in science publishing - Author’s perspective

Authors are backbone of science. Understanding authors’ challenges is first step in making science communication more efficient and fruitful.

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Rise of preprints in biomedical sciences - Benefits, concerns and cautions

Preprints are reshaping scientific communication by early dissemination of science. However, it is essential that they are authored, read and used cautiously.

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NIH Virtual Rare Disease Day event - March 01, 2021

Attend NIH virtual event and listen to scientists, physicians, patients, congressmen, and advocacy groups who are working hard to find cures and/or improve healthcare for rare disease patients.


People & opinions

People solving unmet needs in science, medicine, healthcare and more

Evolving creativity in scientific communication

Science reporting is majorly limited to article publication and conference presentations. New creative methods can garner more attention and increase visibility!

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Once upon a time in science

Every research has an interesting story behind it. Sharing that captivating story with the audience, opens up new avenues for engagement & collaboration!

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PREDICTing the next Pandemic

Resuming of programs like PREDICT can help the world avert potential pandemics and save millions of lives through proactive monitoring and preparedness.

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Latest Press Releases

Update on Qualiten Press and its peer-reviewed Journals

Qualiten Press promises eco-friendly approach to publishing

Qualiten Press is socially and environmentally responsible publisher. We support digital publishing and plant 10 trees for each article that we publish.

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Easy to understand Infographics from world wide contributors (including Qualiten Press)



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Relax and indulge in some science related humor

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"Public is the funder, creator and user of research; hence public should get unrestricted access to published research outcomes."

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