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Biggest challenges, solutions and opportunities in science publishing - Author’s perspective

Authors are backbone of science. Understanding authors’ challenges is first step in making science communication more efficient and fruitful.

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Rise of preprints in biomedical sciences - Benefits, concerns and cautions

Preprints are reshaping scientific communication by early dissemination of science. However, it is essential that they are authored, read and used cautiously.

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Join hands to raise awareness - Rare Disease Day 2021

Rare Disease Day reminds us of hope, positivity, and courage to move forward and never give up in the quest for raising awareness and finding cure for rare diseases.

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Press Releases

Update on Qualiten Press and its peer-reviewed Journals

Qualiten Press promises eco-friendly approach to publishing

Qualiten Press is socially and environmentally responsible publisher. We support digital publishing and plant 10 trees for each article that we publish.

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