Qualiten Press provides effective advertising services for our users and collaborators to promote services and products which can prove beneficial for scientific community and patients.


Qualiten Press and its global community (our readers, authors, editors, reviewers & variety of partners) are deeply involved in service of open access scholarly communication and collaboration to speed up scientific discoveries for the benefit of humankind and other lives on this planet. We achieve this goal through our products and services:

1. Qualiten Journals

Qualiten Journals publish peer-reviewed scholarly articles in the field of science, technology and medicine. Articles published at Qualiten Journals are fully open access (free-to-read) and authors retain the copyright to their content. Qualiten Journals’ open access standards and ethics guidelines are in concordance with standards set by DOAJ, OASPA, COPE, ISMTE and other ethical bodies in the field.

2. Qualiten Insight

Qualiten Insight develops and publishes latest news, blogs, analysis, opinions, interviews, infographics, quizzes, humor, jobs, etc. to educate and inform public about the latest developments in science and medicine.

3. Qualiten Care

Qualiten Care is social and environment responsibility program of Qualiten Services to promote open access, disease advocacy, environmental responsibility and global charity to build a socially responsible and sustainable system of global collaboration.

4. Rare Is Special

Rare Is Special is a niche program from Qualiten Services that supports rare diseases’ patients and other organizations/individuals who are heroically working every day to find solutions of 7000+ rare diseases.

We believe in continuity of learning and problem solving to provide a better experience to the creator (authors, editors, reviewers) and users (readers) of information that is published with us. Check About Us to learn more about our products & services, core values, team, etc.


Qualiten Press provides a platform for advertisers who care about people from scientific niche to market their products or services. With our global outreach and collaborations, we are effective in advertising services to customers who have those specific requirements. Furthermore, our advertisements are targeted towards our audience and we have insight about their necessities; thus, we can help our partners to create a concise content to assist our readers. Some benefits of advertising with us are following:

1. Mostly Free Service

Qualiten cares about the needs of our customer and we want all our advertisers to follow the same protocol. Therefore, our advertisements are mostly free or cost effective depending on advertisers.

1.1. Free for Patient & Disease Advocacy Groups

Advertising for patients and disease advocacy group is free as they are working towards improving the life of patients. Qualiten Press provides space for patients and advocacy groups to share their service with our readers with no restrictions.

1.2. Free for Authors, Editors, Reviewers

Authors, editors and reviewers work rigorously to provide quality content for the scientific community. Qualiten Press is committed to providing quality services for our users and we believe our authors, editors and reviewers play a vital role in providing these services. As a thank you gesture for their services, we offer free space to them to advertise their services or products on our platform.

1.3. Cost Effective for Corporate Advertisers

Qualiten provides cost effective advertising services for the corporate advertisers who are dedicated to provide service which could improve the life of public. Advertisements on our website are targeted for scientific and healthcare niche, and we expect corporate advertisements to be the same. Corporates can contact us at to get personal quotes for their advertisements.

2. Global Unrestricted Reach (Open Access)

Qualiten Journals and Qualiten Insight are open access platform which provide unrestricted access to users across the globe. Advertisers can utilize our reach to promote and market their services and products.

3. Insight & Analysis Reporting

We gather insights from our users with their consent and analyze their requirements to gain information which could prove beneficial for people. We report these insights to our advertising partners to inspire them in producing services which cater the needs of patients and scientific communities.


Qualiten Press provides both digital and print form of advertisement to enhance promotional reach. Both kinds of promotional activities have their own advantages and diverse audience. Effective advertisers combine both forms of advertisement to promote their services to ensure their product reaches desired audience. Our collaborators can choose one or both types of marketing methods depending on their targeted audience.

1. Digital Advertisements

Apart from website reach we have presence across various digital platforms, while we also create promotional content for our readers. We can create sponsored content for the advertisers or add banners on our website targeting specific requirements. Digital advertisements can help us create personalized advertisement and have quick and broader reach.

2. Print Advertisements

Qualiten does not print our scientific content; however, we have offline events and we advertise in the form of flyers, inserts, and promotional banners. Depending on the content type, we may insert your content flyer or brochure along with mails that we send to our authors and editors.


Qualiten Press has trusted advertising partners across the globe who use our platform for advertising their content.

If you are interested in becoming our partner and stay updated with new scientific and medical content, then contact us at


If you like to connect with our audience and you believe that your products or services can be beneficial for our users, we encourage you to advertise with us for enhanced promotional outreach.

1. Process

You can initially contact us with brief description of advertisement and your details at Our marketing team will contact you to discuss further about the kind of advertisement you are looking for to advertise at Qualiten Press. Once you submit your proposal, we would review the details and collaborate with you in creating content which could provide concise information to our readers

2. Terms & Conditions

We advertise those products which share our goal to provide services which can prove beneficial for healthcare and science. We expect our advertising partners to provide us with original content, which is not plagiarized. Furthermore, we encourage our partners to provide us content which could be accessed by different kinds of people without any hindrance. In sponsored content we post pre-approved content from the partners, and we expect no complications after publishing.

3. Advertise with Us

Qualiten invites all interested organizations and individuals to advertise with us for maximum exposure around the globe. Submit the proposal indicating your preferences. Interested parties can E-mail us at We would be happy to assist you and have you on board.


Qualiten Press publishes scholarly content to foster further innovation and advancements in science, technology and healthcare for public benefit. We are always available to assist you with your requirements and get your feedback. To explore further and stay in touch with us check following:

1. FAQs

We have meticulously developed and organized frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers to provide clear understanding about our product, services and processes. Browse our FAQs page to find quick answers to your questions.

2. Testimonials

Major way for us to improve, innovate and provide a top-notch experience is by listening to our authors, editors, reviewers and readers. We collect testimonials from our Twitter and Facebook Testimonials pages. We receive testimonials directly through E-mails and other modes of communication. Check our Testimonials compiled from multiple platforms. Our testimonials talk about our work and we look forward to working with you and maintaining a long-term professional relationship.

If you have used our products and services, we would like to invite you to submit your feedback. Please visit our Twitter or Facebook Testimonials pages to provide your Testimonials.

3. Subscribe Alerts

We send newsletters to our users with their consent to inform them about latest scientific discoveries and updates on our website at a frequency chosen by them. You can also manage notifications to get alerted based on your specific interests.

Your contact information is never sold to any third party and used only for the purpose of providing you Qualiten related information that might be useful to you and your work. Check our flexible Subscribe Alerts option.

4. Contact Us

Our team is committed to learn about your needs and provide appropriate answers to your queries. We believe in providing solutions and building a stronger relationship through our professional and timely communication. Contact us with your questions. We will be happy to assist you.

"Public is the funder, creator and user of research; hence public should get unrestricted access to published research outcomes."

 - Qualiten Press

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