Peer-Reviewers are qualified researchers and physicians who support scholarly communication which is critical in maintaining the standard and high quality of our journals while promoting the accessibility of manuscripts to the worldwide readers through our open access platform.


Qualiten Journals publish peer-reviewed scholarly articles in the field of science and medicine. Once a submitted manuscript has passed the internal quality check (plagiarism check, scientific merit check, ethical compliance and other checks) from Qualiten Journal staff, it is assigned to the suitable Editorial Board member (referred as “handling editor”) and at least two independent peer-reviewers. Handling editors and peer-reviewers are subject matter experts in the field of article. Peer-reviewers evaluate the manuscript independently and provide their feedback to Journal, which is further used by handling editor to make decision on the article.

Qualiten Journals use double-blinded peer review process, in which identity of authors, handling editors and other reviewers are not disclosed during the peer review process. This process promotes independent and unbiased evaluation of articles by handling editor and reviewers.


Qualiten Press’ staff checks the content of manuscript and sends manuscript handling requests only to the researchers who have previous publishing experience in the field of manuscript. Peer-reviewer’s role is to critically evaluate the manuscript and provide suggestions for the handling editor and authors. Their task is pivotal in filtering and improving the good science for the benefit of public. Hence, based on manuscript content and their work experience, they should make a judgement whether they are qualified to review the manuscript.


Peer-reviewers have access to confidential and copyright material(s) of authors during the peer review process. Peer-reviewers must not copy, share or use the manuscript content in any way other than for peer review.


Peer-reviewers should ensure that they do not have any conflict of interest (financial or otherwise) related to the manuscript before accepting to review. Some examples of conflict of interest are:

  • Author’s work is competing with reviewer’s work.
  • Authors of manuscript are familiar to the reviewer. Although, we follow double-blinded peer review process and try to not invite reviewers belonging to same institution as of authors; there may be some instances when reviewer can recognize authors based on the content of manuscript.

Evaluating a manuscript that has conflict of interest can lead to bias, which is harmful for scholarly communication integrity. If peer-reviewer perceives any competing or conflicting interest, then it must be communicated to the Journal immediately.


In the field of science and medicine, authors discover new information based on rigorous experimentation, data analysis, facts validation and statistics. Peer-reviewers are custodian of scholarly communications and it is their responsibility to provide objective and unbiased evaluation of novelty, soundness of research method, correctness of conclusions, ethical considerations, and impact of manuscript under review. The eventual goal of scholarly publication is to share the scientific discovery that can be useful and reproduced by others to solve unmet needs in science, medicine and healthcare.


Qualiten Press follows double-blinded peer review process, where peer-reviewers’ evaluation and comments are anonymously communicated to handling editor and authors by Qualiten Press journal staff. Thus, it is crucial that comments provided by peer-reviewers are specific and to the point which can be clearly understood by handling editors and authors. Qualiten Press staff provides well-designed Peer-Review Form to peer-reviewers, which includes article review questionnaire that is based on sections of article. Also, peer-review manuscript is prepared by Qualiten Journal staff with line numbers and page numbers for easy reference to any part of manuscript.


Everyone involved in peer review process (authors, editors, reviewers, and journal staff) are expected to treat others (even if the process is double-blinded) with mutual respect. Peer-reviewer is expected to provide honest comments and constructive feedback for manuscript without using derogatory or insulting language or tone. Please understand that authors who have created the content, may have limitations or drawbacks, such as English not being the primary language and limitation of research funds.


An efficient peer review process requires coordinated efforts from handling editor, reviewers, authors and journal staff. The peer-reviewer’s timeliness in evaluating manuscript is crucial in maintaining the efficiency of the peer review process. Thus, timely response from peer-reviewers not only supports the review process but also expedite publication of accepted articles. In case of rejected articles, a timely decision saves time and resources for authors that can be utilized to revise and improve future manuscripts.


While reviewing a manuscript if peer-reviewers come across any research, ethics or publication misconduct from author, editors or publisher’s staff, then it should be promptly communicated to Qualiten Press. Additionally, if manuscript content is expected to be damaging to biosecurity, environment, specific cultures or heritage, then it should be reported promptly to Qualiten Press.

We try not to publish manuscripts that can pose a threat to public health, cultures and environment. As a subject matter expert, peer-reviewers can safeguard and filter out any such content from being published.


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